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Holt Stage Hideaway

Meet the Owner

Laurie Ware Mason

Laurie Mason’s childhood was a picnic — quite literally.

Her summers were spent playing and working at her parents’ expansive Soledad Sands Park in Acton, California. The amusement park was 48 acres of desert turned into an oasis with a swimming pool that sprawled over an entire acre, a train around the perimeter, music by legends such as Herb Alpert and picnic grounds that could accommodate huge crowds.

“We’d have thousands of people and we’d cater to them,” Mason recalled. “We grew up doing this as a family. The park was a magical place.”

It’s no surprise that Mason has followed in her family’s footsteps by creating her own indoor amusement park....

Listen to Laurie talk more about her passion and love for Holt Stage Hideaway in the video below!

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